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Carriage Driving 2016


Hi All,

We have had to cancel the 1st Meet scheduled for 9-10 April. Following the training day the ground became damaged and with further rain forecasted this weekend we have had to make the decision to cancel this event. We will be arranging a meet later on in the year to make up for this cancelled event.



WPEC Obstacle Maintenance
We are about to re-paint the WPEC obstacles.
Would you like to sponsor the paint for an obstacle?

Please contact Lesley Tilbury at: lesleytilbury13@gmail.com


Hi All,

For those wanting to know what help is required for the running of events please see below:

Before the event
Collect the entries and send them to the Organiser. This has been done by Denis Williams.
Plan a marathon route and submit it to Tom Jarvis at the Crown Estate Office. Barry Luck will often be willing to do this from home since he knows the Park backwards. He can measure the route from home but we still have to send it to the Office.
Telephone the stewards to find out who can come and when. This has been done by Marian.
Check that the Vet can come.
Check the paramedics are coming .
Contact dressage judges and cones judge. Cones is often done by Brian Stokes and Christine Squirrel.
Prepare safety policy and risk assessment.
Plan the obstacles and cones course. Roger Always can be asked to plan the courses but is currently waiting for heart by-pass surgery.
From the entries work out the dressage times and cones times. Prepare the dressage and cones paperwork.
Work out the marathon times and prepare the marathon matrix of times. Prepare the obstacle plans.
Put the times etc on our web site and on our Face book page. This has been done by Sarah Louise.

At the event
Check the water is on in the Box Park and get the Driving caravan up to the Box Park. This is normally done by the contractor but it needs to be told and chased.
Open lavatories.
Put up safety signage.
Build and letter the dressage arenas. These have often been moved to allow The Cannon Ground to be mowed.
Build the cones course. Measure it and work out the times. This is usually done by the TD.
Mark the marathon. Mark the obstacles.
Separate the obstacles and public by laying out tape.
Fill and take the water bowser to the halt.
Check paramedics have BC incident/accident forms.

After the event
Put dressage letters away. Put cones away. Remove all marathon markers from the course. Bring back water bowser.
Shut lavatories.

Please contact Peter Bridson, peterbridson@btinternet.com if you feel you can help out with any of the above.


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Best Regards

Carriage Driving Organiser

Please contact our Driving Show Secretary for entries. All general enquiries to the organiser.

Carriage Driving Organiser  
Carriage Driving Secretary

Mrs Helen Pritchard, 
Guildford Road, 
KT22 9BW 
Email: Helen.m.pritchard@gmail.com 
Landline: 01372 457074 
Mobile 07768140717 

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