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Carriage Driving 2015



The Training day scheduled for 18th July has been cancelled due to lack of entries.

The 4th Meet on the 19th July is a Marathon and Pleasure Drive Only. There will be no dressage or cones. Therefore we will only be charging marathon (or pleasure drive) fees. Anyone who has pre booked the dressage and cones, we will of course carry your entry over to the next event.We have taken the decision early in order to give the competitors as much notice as possible. We have not taken this decision lightly, we have considered a number of factors, and although we appreciate that not everyone will be happy with the decision, we do hope that you understand we took it as early as possible in order to keep our members informed and to concentrate on providing a good day for all.

Hi All,

For those wanting to know what help is required for the running of events please see below:

Before the event
Collect the entries and send them to the Organiser. This has been done by Denis Williams.
Plan a marathon route and submit it to Tom Jarvis at the Crown Estate Office. Barry Luck will often be willing to do this from home since he knows the Park backwards. He can measure the route from home but we still have to send it to the Office.
Telephone the stewards to find out who can come and when. This has been done by Marian.
Check that the Vet can come.
Check the paramedics are coming .
Contact dressage judges and cones judge. Cones is often done by Brian Stokes and Christine Squirrel.
Prepare safety policy and risk assessment.
Plan the obstacles and cones course. Roger Always can be asked to plan the courses but is currently waiting for heart by-pass surgery.
From the entries work out the dressage times and cones times. Prepare the dressage and cones paperwork.
Work out the marathon times and prepare the marathon matrix of times. Prepare the obstacle plans.
Put the times etc on our web site and on our Face book page. This has been done by Sarah Louise.

At the event
Check the water is on in the Box Park and get the Driving caravan up to the Box Park. This is normally done by the contractor but it needs to be told and chased.
Open lavatories.
Put up safety signage.
Build and letter the dressage arenas. These have often been moved to allow The Cannon Ground to be mowed.
Build the cones course. Measure it and work out the times. This is usually done by the TD.
Mark the marathon. Mark the obstacles.
Separate the obstacles and public by laying out tape.
Fill and take the water bowser to the halt.
Check paramedics have BC incident/accident forms.

After the event
Put dressage letters away. Put cones away. Remove all marathon markers from the course. Bring back water bowser.
Shut lavatories.

Please contact Peter Bridson, peterbridson@btinternet.com if you feel you can help out with any of the above.



This will be my last Newsletter, as I have now retired as driving organiser for the club. Peter Bridson, our chairman, will temporally take over till the end of the season. He will need your help and cooperation. I will not be disappearing though, as I have been involved with the club since the early 1980's, initially as a groom for my mother, driving a single pony and latterly as a driver myself with a single or pony pair. I will be attend most of the events either as a helper or a driver. If you want the club to survive the competitors, members and friends will need to get more involved by supporting the competitions by entering and volunteering. There is nothing more disappointing not to have a reasonable entry, as so much work goes into producing an event. It definitely does not magically happen. We had our second meet in May and seemed to run well, apart from having to alter the marathon route from the original course. One track had become impassable as some vehicles in April had caused some very deep ruts and there were some large pools of water. The competition seemed to run well and good competition was enjoyed by all. We have just had our 5th regional event which was quite a success and built on our reputation for good competition, the fantastic weather helped. I must thank all our sponsors and helpers who contributed to the great weekend. I did note that there were still some people who were eliminated by missing a compulsory gate. As course builder, I always endeavour to arrow the course to direct you in the correct direction, learning where compulsory turning flags are is as important as learning the route in obstacles, they are not there to trip you up just to ensure that you drive the distance. I was a little disappointed with the entry numbers but I have decided that the National event the week before, which was a qualifier for most advanced classes, and our previous club event just 2 weeks before influenced the numbers. Plans for the training day and one day event in July are well advanced, so get your entries in as soon as possible so we can ensure that no one is disappointed. I hope to see you at Windsor Park in July and or August, for our inside out event.



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Best Regards

Carriage Driving Organiser

Please contact our Driving Show Secretary for entries. All general enquiries to the organiser.

Carriage Driving Organiser Mr Julian Burleton
Telephone: 01628 624640
Email: jburleton@aol.com

Carriage Driving Secretary Mr Denis Williams
Jorric Stud
Church Lane
  Bucks SL3 6LH
Telephone: 01753 577969
  Email: jorricstud@aol.com

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